Friday, October 21, 2016

Yes! We're back!

And we're back - finally, and after a long, long while, there will be new content on this blog!

The commitment is now to publish a new article per month, which it's perfectly doable. And that I believe was the main problem before: the goal was a weekly article and that was just too much relatively to the time I was able to dedicate to writing. And once a goal is missed, it's all the same to the one day late or one week late...

So there are now 2 things I would like very much to put here on the blog. One is about Servant Leadership and the other one is regarding the series of articles started on 2010 "Beginners Guide to Project Management".

Servant Leadership
This will be a series or articles starting next week with "To lead is to serve the team". At this point I can see at least 2 more articles on the topic, some kind of "Servant leadership 101".

Beginners Guide to Project Management
This will be the second main effort - to finish this series of articles which last article was part 19 and it was published almost 3 years ago with the title "Keeping Costs Under Control". At a glance, the published articles as to date are:

Executing and monitoring

So please be back next week and check the new first article on Servant Leadership "To lead is to serve the team".

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