Friday, June 6, 2014

Interview with Peter Taylor

I'm doing some volunteer work for the Information Systems Community of Practice (IS CoP) of the Project Management Institute (PMI). This work consists on interviewing some remarkable Project Managers and share the resulting video on YouTube and the IS CoP website.
I'm very proud to share Episode 9 of the Who Is Program, featuring Peter Taylor, AKA The Lazy Project Manager. It's a 53 minutes long interview so if you have 1 hour on your hands, use it well!

Peter Taylor

Peter Taylor
Peter Taylor is the author of two best-selling books on ‘Productive Laziness’ – ‘The Lazy Winner’ and ‘The Lazy Project Manager’ and CEO of The Lazy Project Manager Ltd. His organization offers an alternative approach to project management development, executive sponsorship and PMO leadership. More information can be found at and

The "Who Is" program

This interview is part of the "Who is" program of the IS CoP. The "Who Is" program aims to expose prominent Project Managers by sharing their experiences, successes and failures. It is intended to be an easy yet powerful way of learning Project Management. I really hope you enjoy this volunteer effort.

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