Friday, May 23, 2014

4th Anniversary

4th Anniversary

Yes, it has been 4 years already. It was on May 23, 2010 when the first article "Change Management and Project Management" was posted here on Ah-Ha-Moments.
Since then many things have changed for the better with the objective of making this blog a good source of information for all Project Managers. Fulfilling this blog's mission has provided many challenges and many new friends, and I'd like to start by thanking those (friends) who took the time to share their views with comments.

In numbers

  • 107 articles
  • 24 articles on irrationality
  • Beginners Guide to Project Management currently on part 19
  • 16 guest posts


Sharing knowledge, ideas and experiences about Project Management.
We're definitely there. We could be "more" there, we could be more present, we could deliver the message more broadly... but we're there.

...and Vision

We will be a Project Management mandatory reference.
Still a long way from that.Working the way to be a mandatory reference is hard work, and it requires many other people working in the same direction. It is a very, very ambitious vision ans we're working our way there. It probably won't happen next year, but someday. Eventually.

So do you want to help?

If you want to help this initiative and make this blog grow you have a few option, from the easiest to the more time consuming:
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  • Comment: speak your mind and feel free to disagree
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Bruce said...

Luis, congratulations on your successful project management blog. I appreciate your committment to writing a long series for new project managers.

P.S. Interesting to see that Irrationality is a recurring theme for you.

mba project management said...

awesome blog 5 stars