Friday, March 23, 2012

Interview with Ricardo Vargas

I'm doing some volunteer work for the Information Systems Community of Practice (IS CoP) of the Project Management Institute (PMI). This work consists on interviewing some remarkable Project Managers and share the resulting video on YouTube and the IS CoP website.
I'm very proud to be able to share the results of my very first interview for the IS CoP. And I was very fortunate to have Ricardo Vargas. It's a 51 minutes long interview but it's worth every minute, just watch it and judge it for yourself.

Ricardo Vargas
Ricardo Vargas is a project, portfolio and risk management specialist. During the past 15 years, he has been responsible for over 80 major projects in various countries in the areas of petroleum, energy, infrastructure, telecommunications, IT and finances, comprising an investment portfolio of over 18 billion dollars.
He was the first Latin American volunteer to be elected Chairman of the Board for the PMI. Ricardo Vargas has written ten books on project management, published in Portuguese and English, which have sold over 250,000 copies throughout the world.
In 2005 he received the PMI Distinguished Award and in 2011 the PMI IS CoP Professional Development Award for his contribution to the development of project management.

The "Who Is" program
This interview is part of the "Who is" program of the IS CoP. The "Who Is" program aims to expose prominent Project Managers by sharing their experiences, successes and failures. It is intended to be an easy yet powerful way of learning Project Management. And you can also apply for Professional Development Units (PDUs) if you are a IS CoP member. I really hope you enjoy this effort and provide feedback.

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