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Managing up

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Margaret Meloni has been here before with an Ah Ha Moment of her own. This time I’m reviewing one of her products, “Managing up - The seven behaviors you need to manage your management”. In fact, because of this particular product, I decided to join her affiliate program and you can now use this link to check her offerings.

About Margaret’s goal
Margaret’s goal is to help you, in particular if you work in Project Management, to "end your day at peace and not in pieces". An ambitious goal, I should add. But one that makes every sense. Why should you suffer to do your job right? Her argument is basically that there are things you can do with your behaviour and your attitude that can ease the pain.

About the “Managing up” package
This package contains a 21 page PDF document and 2 audio files. The PDF file contains “Managing up” and Margaret’s view on managing your management, you have an audio version of “Managing up” and you also have “Controlling Yourself When Working With Jerks” which is a 53 minute discussion where Margaret facilitates a talk under the topic of (surprise!) dealing with difficult people.

Managing up
Margaret walks you through a story about these 2 real life persons who get appreciated differently by their manager and she uses this story to point out that some behaviours of yours will make you more appreciated by your management, clients and colleagues. It’s not about how good a performer you are, that’s not the difference between those 2 people. It’s about how you behave. In short, Margaret tries to show you a way of being a role model to others by:
- putting others first
- communicating appropriately
- maintaining the right level of independence
- setting the right priorities
- be compassionate
- building strategic relationships
- setting your own boundaries
This may sound artificial or manipulative but it really isn’t. It’s about “understanding what your manager wants and needs from you and manage expectations in terms of what you need from your management”. It’s not about getting your boss’s dry cleaning, it’s about making your boss’s job easier.

Controlling Yourself When Working With Jerks
Margaret’s point is that if you respond to a jerk the exact same way he acts then you also become a jerk. If you do nothing you’ll probably get stepped on again (or not, sometimes it back fires on the jerk as Cornelius Fichtner pointed). What you have to do is to find a way to neutralize the jerk, the situation where the jerk can act or the impact of the jerk’s actions. Kind of applying Aikido (the martial art) to business. Cool discussion and also some good stuff for you to think about.

The contents of “Managing up” is very useful to anyone working with people, in particular to Project Managers. So my recommendation is for you to take a look at Margaret’s products, I’m pretty sure you’ll find something that catches your eye besides “Managing up”.

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