Thursday, June 9, 2011

Ah-Ha-Moments first anniversary

It was on May 23, 2010 when the first article "Change Management and Project Management" was posted here on Ah-Ha-Moments.

Since then many things have changed for the better with the objective of making this blog a good source of information for all Project Managers. Fulfilling this blog's mission has provided many challenges and many new friends, and I'd like to start by thanking those (friends) who took the time to share their views with comments.

Guest bloggers
An the guest bloggers. If you take a look at the About page you'll see that one of the things we try to do here is to get different perspectives on Project Management by inviting anyone who has something to share to the Project Management community - check the "Guest posts" category. We thank this lot in particular for enriching this blog. We've had 8 great guest bloggers during this first year:
Another milestone that passed unnoticed  was post number 100: "Managing up", a review of one of the good products (this is an affiliate link) that Margaret Meloni has made available to you.
Now we have 70 facebook followers, thank you too for showing your support and helping spreading the word. Let's see how long it will take to reach 100!
We also have some great people who will be posting here soon enough but still didn't find the time to do it. I thank them in advance because I feel the same pain: although there's a commitment to post a new article on Fridays at 10:45 PM GMT, you may have noticed that we skipped a couple of Fridays. Dang. But it's better to have something good that you can use that just have something on time. Right?

So do you want to help?
If you want to help and participate on this blog you have a lot of choices, from the easiest to the more time consuming:
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Bas said...

Luis, congratulations on this great milestone! It is a pleasure reading your blog!


Luis Seabra Coelho said...

Hi Bas,

And thank you. You know better than I how this blogging thing goes. But it's all worthwhile!
Thank you again, and keep up the good work.