Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sam Palani's Ah Ha Moment

When Luis Seabra asked me to talk about my Ah Ha moment related to project management without realizing he had actually sent me on a journey of introspection.Yes, I did take time. I revisited so many instances over the past decade of my study and work.

I personally have not been a big fan of Eureka moments and have always believed that ideas don't happen in Eurekas, but are actually nurtured over over time (Steven Johnson talks about this in his TED talk - Where good ideas come from) But then again there those moments that which can be game changers or path changers that make you take a different perspective.

My Ah Ha moment relates back to a video Steve Jobs where he is addressing a bunch of awestruck, lucky Stanford Grads.Though I am not a big fan of the iOS(yet), the guy inspires me for his innovation, entrepreneurial skills and resilience. In that classic video Mr Jobs talks about two things - Staying Hungry and Staying Foolish. The later part kind of resonated with me. After all being foolish we can shed our preconceived notions and ask questions which a “wise” person might hold back. Of course this is not, easy but once you are able to ask questions like a fool you quickly see the benefits. In my own experience I have been able to eliminate, evaluate and and research just by asking questions like a “fool”. Remember again a fool can ask questions without worrying about the consequences.

So there it was my Ah Ha moment - Being Foolish when it mattered, thanks to Mr Jobs and of course Luis making me discover it once again :)

Sam is a certified project manager from PMI (PMP). He also has an MBA in Information Technology Management and Post Graduate Certificate in Leadership from Duke University.He currently works and lives in the heart of the silicon valley in California.He is also founder and the chief contribute for around the chaos – the blog. Sam believes, however diverse the source of chaos, the impacts are quite relative, that is the lack of predictability. Although its not always possible eliminate unpredictability completely, he aims to leverage the tools, techniques and principles to get around this chaos and avoid butterfly effects.
You can find him and his work on Around the Chaos.

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