Monday, February 7, 2011

Quoting Project Management on Toolbox for IT

I'm really excited today as I just started collaborating with Toolbox for IT on the blog Quoting Project Management. You can read on the blog description:
This blog is about Project Management. The posts on this blog are exclusively about selected quotes from my Ah-Ha-Moments blog ( As these quotes are not from people working on Project Management, sometimes a small explanation or some examples are enough to turn things clear. So the objective is to take a quote and connect it to Project Management.

The first post is "Machiavelli knew all about Change Management" and yes, you guess it right: it's about Change Management.
The idea is to take the quotes published here on Ah-Ha-Moments and talk a bit about them and the impact they have on Project Management. As you may have noticed, quotes are always from people not related to Project Management... I'm taking this month to check how regularly I can post there.
Anyway, I hope you enjoy it and give enough feedback so I can make it better. After all, Quoting Project Management was made for you.

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