Monday, January 10, 2011

Free eBook "Ah-Ha-Moments Yearbook 2010" from Scribd

This eBook includes all the posts on Ah-Ha-Moments during the year of 2010, the first year of existence of this blog. The objective of this yearbook is for you to have an easy way to get to all the information posted on this blog and I hope you find it useful.

Download it from Scribd from this link.

You can check all available resources under Free downloads.

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Johnny said...

"Project Management is the art and science of making a mess workout right".

Love it!

Thanks Luis for packaging up this engaging collection of thought-provoking articles in one place.

Luis Seabra Coelho said...

Thank you for taking the time to comment, Johnny. And you're welcome, that was the all idea, it can be much more convenient.
I like to be provocative, it's a simple way way to get a fruitful discussion going. It doesn't work very well when others agree with you, though...
But if you downloaded the Yearbook, could you try to find something you disagree and come back and comment again? Maybe we can argue then and I can learn something from you :)
Again, thank you Johnny, I appreciate your comment!