Monday, November 29, 2010

Networking tools to save you time

So you're into networking, right? Of course, after all you're a Project Manager, right? How much time do you spend at it? Do you have to make an effort, schedule some time for it and stuff? Did you know that there are some tools that can take some of that load for you? Oh you didn't?
Well, keep on reading then...

Networking is something very useful in many professions. And if you're a Project Manager it's something you should probably be doing constantly while working. So how do you bring networking into your work? Is it integrated?
I'd like to share a couple of tools that make this integration very natural - if you use Microsoft Outlook: Xobni and Microsoft's Social Connector for Microsoft Outlook.

Social Connector

They both do basically the same thing (although Xobni is much more feature rich) and that is: they add some information on the emails you receive and send, like the last message that person twitted.
Actually they both do a lot more. And pretty simple too. Suppose you get an email from someone who isn't on your LinkedIn network. You just have to click a button to send a request and you're all done. It's pretty simple and natural, you don't have to make an effort to keep in touch, that is done whenever you're checking your emails. Pretty neat, hum?

If you happen to know any tools that serve the Networking business please let me know.
Project Managers are neck deep into Networking, so if these tools help you to network...
...Then you can be a better Project Manager.

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