I'm a Project Manager particularly interested on the links between businesses and Project Management - and this blog reflects that.
I'm currently working for a small company on a large Portuguese Holding doing a wide variety of projects, mainly on IT - lots of challenges, learning and great people. And I also do volunteer work for the Project Management community. This blog is an example of it, as it but I also do volunteer work for the Project Management Institute - I'm currently the VP for Professional Development on the PMI Portugal Chapter.
The Project Management profession is a huge melting pot and I love it - the challenges, the knowledge and the people; and the feeling of having something done.


Ah-Ha-Moments ultimate purpose is to be a Project Management mandatory reference. My effort is on that direction but that clearly isn't enough. So this blog will need the help of everyone who has something to add to the Project Management discipline.

The purpose of Ah-Ha-Moments is to share knowledge, ideas and experiences about Project Management and:
  • It is intended for all Project Managers working on any industry (for those just starting on this profession and also for those who are seniors and even experts);
  • And it has different perspectives on Project Management, my own along side with others'.
At this time, I'm implementing all these by:
  • (Almost weekly) new articles posted on Fridays at 22:45 GMT
  • Guest posts
Who is this blog for?
This blog is for Project Managers and it is intended to be a place to share: that's why it has the tag line "...the network to share knowledge, ideas and experiences on Project Management.". I share mainly through the articles I post, but also with the pages "Downloads", "Software Directory" and  "Upcoming events". You can share by posting as well (there are guest posts) but mainly you can add value with your comments. And disagreeing is great!

Guest Posts
Do you have an Ah-Ha-Moment of yours related to Project Management that other Project Managers could learn something from? Please send me an email me to luis@ah-ha-moments.net.

What else?
Ideas are always welcome. If you have the will and something to contribute that doesn't fit any of the previous categories please get in touch with me.

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You can find me on Twitter @lseabra or send me an email me to luis@ah-ha-moments.net.